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The public part of the SOVPIS (Spatial Information System of Vernacular Architecture and Settlements) of the Association for the Renewal of the Village and the Small Town (Společnost pro obnovu vesnice a malého města, z. s. – SOVAMM) has two parts:

  1. SOVAMM archival documents are published step by step through the Photo Station app.
    The files are organized into folders according to the CZ_Retro database. The folder name contains the name of locality and its code (Kod_CZ), which is its unique identifier in the CZ_Retro database. The base names of files are written in the format YYYYMMDD (date) – author code – media abbreviation (dia, neg, dig, kres, vid) – the original file name in the author’s archive.
    Author codes can be found in the SOVPIS Authors table.
  2. The document files get more detailed metadata when they are stored in the MIS, the so-called Metainformation System for the management of the digital and digitalized documentation, which is part of the Heritage integrated information system (IISPP). Documents stored here can be searched similarly as documents of NPÚ [National Heritage Institute – NHI] and its regional services using the access to the central MIS database.

A summary of localities and links to the map of Monument Catalogue, SOVPIS folders accessible through Photo Station, and SOVAMM documents stored in MIS is publisked in the table “SOVPIS Localities”.

  • More about the Heritage integrated information system (IISPP) see here.

Updated: 26/01/2020 15:33

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