The Association for the Renewal of the Village and the Small Town (Společnost pro obnovu vesnice a malého města, z. s. –  SOVAMM) was founded in 1990 as an association of professionals and those interested in vernacular architecture.

SOVAMM´s objectives:

  • to study the development in settlement and its elements (landscape, settlements, house) and the activities in the rural space
  • to safeguard historical regionality, or to renew its continuity
  • to study the social and cultural development and the present of village and small town
  • to research on, to document, and to try to safeguard and renew all the hitherto not discovered values, both those of individual buildings and those of entire settlements including land subdivision and cultural landscape
  • to safeguard and form the appearance of the site, while taking into account the historical, heritage, and geographical aspects; to support the aesthetics and technologies (local materials) which are based on traditions, as well as relating advisory services in the field of urbanism, architecture, land planning, and new exploration of national cultural heritage
  • to strengthen the village community in social, economic and cultural respect, with emphasis put on the awareness of the cultural importance of one´s own environment
  • scholarly publication and popular-oriented activity
  • to try to create conditions to involve as large as possible group of villages and residents into the renewal of villages
  • to support central and regional bodies and local authorities in accordance with the aforementioned objectives; an independent external examination of the village renewal


Please find more detailed information about SOVAMM, and other projects and activities of ours, in SOVAMM Secretary´s blog

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